The internet is obsessed with a Pop Tart mascot singing Creed

The internet is obsessed with a Pop Tart mascot singing Creed

The internet’s obsession with Creed’s ‘Higher’ is one of the most unexpected things to come out of 2023 – and now, this unlikely sporting anthem it’s been given another unusual outing.

If you’re not familiar, ‘Higher’ has become a viral hit on TikTok this year. The 1999 track from the Florida band’s album Human Clay has found a brand new audience, after it become an unofficial anthem for a number of sports teams in the US.

It’s not that surprising – Creed have always been part of sporting culture, having performed an NFL halftime show, helping to mark Thanksgiving at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in 2001.

Now, it’s become the soundtrack to one of the most bizarre sporting moments of the year.

College football is, of course, a huge deal in the US and the biggest game of the year is the Pop-Tarts Bowl played in Orlando, Florida.

The tournament is sponsored by the confectionary company and the result in the final saw Kansas State beat North Carolina State this week.

It wasn’t the result that caught most people’s eye, though. In fact, it was the appearance of the Pop Tart mascot.

First off, the figure appeared before the crowd, and then a huge edible version was eaten by the winning team. The mascot was slowly lowered into a giant toaster while holding a sign saying “dreams really do come true”, before a cake appeared and it was eaten by Kansas State coach Chris Klieman and player Avery Johnson.

The whole spectacle might be the most American thing we’ve ever seen, and people have been sharing clips of it – all soundtracked by ‘Higher’.

Do we understand it? Not really. Do we think it’s pretty awesome? Absolutely.

Who knows where ‘Higher’ will crop up next…

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