Chef goes viral for popcorn salad recipe
Chef goes viral for popcorn salad recipe
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We’re not usually ones to judge what other people consider appetizing.

We’ve celebrated people dunking French fries in chocolate sauce, chicken nuggets in honey, putting jelly on a grilled cheese, and salmon on cinnamon bagels.

But even we’re giving the latest viral food story an intense side eye. Case in point: Crunchy Snap Pea Popcorn Salad.

Chef Molly Yeh went viral over a recent recipe she shared on her Food Network show, Girl Meets Farm, which contains piles of soggy-looking popcorn as well as peas.

Flavored with cheese powder, mayonnaise, and shredded vegetables, Yeh spends the majority of the episode trying to convince viewers that the ‘texture of the popcorn is so weirdly good’.

“This is my kind of salad,” Yeh says, before helping herself to a large mouthful.

“This salad is going to crunch... I mean, crush, at our party,” she adds.

Yikes, as if the recipe wasn’t questionable enough, the puns are just as awful.

Naturally, viewers were quick to voice their own opinions on the recipe, and it safe to assume they weren’t feeling it either.

“As a native to the midwest, I rebuke this recipe!!!” YouTuber Kalen Allen posted on Twitter, along with a video hilariously critiquing the recipe.

“OK #midwestern folks: I’m watching a Food Network cook prepare that “classic midwestern #PopcornSalad” with snap peas. Have any of you ever heard of such a thing?!” another viewer posted on Twitter.

As a devout popcorn connoisseurs, we have mixed feelings on the recipe. On the hand, we’re also firm believers in trying everything once - if this gets upvoted on, we might just make it.

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