People are using a sneaky trick to work out how much time their friends are spending on PornHub

<p>TikTok screengrab</p>

TikTok screengrab

David Dobrik/Abbie Herbert

The latest TikTok trendy is a sneaky one – and it all started with the simply-named sound “hey lol”.

The trend involves playing the song “hey lol” created by TikToker Khaleel Abdullah and seeing if a person nearby – usually a younger sibling, friend, or a family member – turns their head, implying they recognise it.

The joke is the song is a mash-up of a drum sound from TikTok, Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” and an instrumental sound that is common on Pornhub videos.

Abdullah, speaking with Distractify, discussed his now infamous audio:

“I came up with this idea because my original video was a skit I saw on TikTok, when the guy was watching PornHub and his mom walked in,” he said. “I thought it was hilarious, so I asked my friend who edits my videos, Jason Flensburg, to make a sound with the [PornHub] intro music. Then, when listening to it, I suggested that he should mix that sound with the Childish Gambino Song 'Redbone.'”

Abdullah posted the audio to TikTok in January and in February, other TikTok users turned it into a challenge. The audio now has more than 100,000 videos associated with it.

It's not exactly clear who started the trend but it is likely this TikTok video from David Dobrik, who played the song and laughed as his younger brother turned around.

As people use it to jokingly catch out their partners and friends, it’s now also morphed into parody with people playing the audio to their pets and feigning shock when they look up.

The popularity of the trend could raise questions and concerns, however, about young children finding and watching pornography sites, how this can be damaging and whether the trend makes light of this.

It also seems to be flawed because people would likely look up at most people filming them while playing music, no matter what.

“The trend with this sound — you know the sound — is so pointless to me because if I heard any sound I would turn my head,” TikToker @mattheperson said in a video. “Like you could say the most boring thing and I would turn my head.”

But for Abdullah, it’s all in good fun and he plans to continue to make “anything funny to put a smile on people's faces”.

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