Quiz: Can we guess your political leaning based on who you'd kiss?

We found out this week that parents are becoming more and more opposed to the idea of their children dating someone who supports a different political party.

YouGov survey respondents are more than twice as likely as they were in 2008 to disapprove of a son or daughter-in-law who supports an opposing party.

And in both the UK and the US, left-wing voters proved to be more partisan, with 28 per cent saying they'd be upset if their child married a right-winger (which might be why those 'Never kiss a Tory' t-shirts sold out last year). Twenty-three per cent of Tories said the same.

With that in mind, and in the spirit of Valentine's Day, why not take our highly-scientific and 100 per cent accurate* quiz: would you kiss this politician?

You know, if your life depended on it or something. Straight men and gay ladies, we apologise in advance for most of these being male, but bear with us:

*maybe not

**definitely not

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