Politician uses Tinder on campaign trail, everything goes horribly wrong

Tinder is a place for "friends, dates, relationships and everything in between". Not for politics. In fact, it's probably best to avoid the subject altogether with the pond-scum people on the dating app.

So when one politician decided to sign up in a bid to drum up support for his campaign trail, it did not, as you'd probably expect, go well.

Meet Greggor Ilagan...

The 29-year-old councilman from Puna, Hawaii is running for the District 2 Hawaiii State Senate and crafted a misguided Tinder profile to get chatting with would-be voters.

Hey you! Help me make a positive difference in our community. Swipe right and let’s talk.

I bet we can find common ground on issues and make a positive impact around us. Swipe right and let’s get to know each other.

Ilagan set his radius wide and chose to connect with both men and women, in the hope he'd make a genuine difference to his campaign.

However, it being a dating app and all. He was mainly offered dates over votes.

"Because it's a dating site, there were actually a lot of guys that were hitting on me. I was always having to direct people back to the main focus," he told Honolulu Civil Beat.

"They asked me, 'Oh, can I have a date?' And I said, 'Well, we can have a meeting and we can talk about government and maybe you can help out on the campaign.'"

Once the realness kicked in, the politician did what so many of us have on a hungover Saturday morning and deleted the app from his phone.

I thought the one-on-one interaction would be great, but it just leads to other things. Now I know why people don’t campaign on it.

Tinder just has a different environment and different expectation. I learned the hard way.


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