Supermarket's 1p reduction really solves the cost of living crisis

Supermarket's 1p reduction really solves the cost of living crisis
Single parent with 14p in wallet shares reality of cost of living …

A supermarket has just solved the cost of living crisis (not), by reducing a drink by 1p.

A shopper noticed a can of Diet Coke which they said was in Sainsbury's and posted a snap of it on Reddit, with the apparently sarcastic caption: "Thank you Sainsbury's for doing your part to help the cost of living crisis".

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The image showed the can had originally cost £1 but had been reduced to the life changing sum of 99p.

Commenting, people sympathised about the state of the world.

"I remember the days a pint of lager cost that," one said.

Another said: "That sticker must’ve cost the p so what’s the point?"

"What a bargain!" a third quipped.

And a fourth said: "Don't all rush at once guys."

We don't have to tell you (but we will) that the post comes amid a terrible cost of living crisis, with soaring inflation, expensive energy and a bumbling government that keeps going on about the "anti-growth coalition".

Still, if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves we guess...

indy100 has contacted Sainsbury's to comment on this story.

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