Taylor Swift once controversially pronounced in her song Me!, “Spelling is fun!” a lyric that most people vehemently disagreed with.

So now that a Republican Christmas poster has gone viral with a pretty major spelling error, we couldn’t help but wonder if the maker of said poster also found spelling words unequivocally not fun.

In the poster that promotes the Republicans for National Renewal upcoming reception in Phoenix, Arizona, the error reads: “We’re saying ‘Marry Christmas’ again at the best reception of the weekend!”

Yahoo News reporter, Alexander Nazaryan, shared the hilarious fail on Twitter, simply writing: “They misspelled ‘Merry Christmas.’”

As can only be expected, the jokes wrote themselves in the comments and quote retweets.

One user joked, “If you love Christmas so much, why don't you marry it?”

“They tried to warn us - legalize gay marriage and next thing you know, people will be marrying holidays. (Is Halloween still single? Asking for a friend.)” another Twitter user added.

“Christmas is yelling, I want a divorce!” wrote @lthomas11.

Referencing the popular internet game ‘Marry, F***, Kill’ another said: “Well that answers that, but what holidays will they F*** and Kill?”

“Who would have guessed that the war on Christmas was coming from the inside,” read one tweet.

“I think they actually want to marry Christmas. Not a typo.”

While it seems as though the poster has since been corrected by the Republicans for National Renewal, the error can still be seen on the Eventbrite website to purchase tickets for the event.

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