Retired spy reveals which city in the US would be nuked in a world war - and the answer is surprising

<p>The retired spy has been answering questions about his career - and it’s fascinating</p>

The retired spy has been answering questions about his career - and it’s fascinating


A former spy is going viral on TikTok by answering some of the internet’s strangest, engaging, and burning questions about the profession, with one of them having to do with what US city would be nuked in a world war.

And the answer was quite the shock.

Maria Comstock, who goes by @mariaisabellecomstock on the platform, has been posting videos of her father since last year in a series called “Asking a retired spy the questions we REALLY want to know.”

The first chat with her father goes back to January 2020, where she explained that he worked to decipher Russian messages amid the Cold War— a Russian cryptologic linguist.

Initially diverting from the questions, he answers just enough for fans of the series, which also can’t seem to get enough of hearing her father’s insight, hence why there is a part 28.


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In the most recent video, Maria begins opening up the dialogue by asking her father what “second language people” should learn if they want to become a spy, to which he answered “Mandarin.”

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Then the second question she asked was, “What part of the US is most likely to get nuked?’

Without giving too much away, which is common among the videos as he can’t discuss the day-to-day tasks of his job, he said, “Minot, North Dakota.”

We didn’t see that coming. But on further research, Minot Air Force base has two legs of the nation’s nuclear triad and is considered a key node in the US response to any nuclear threat.

It was also revealed that it took her father less than a year (47 weeks) to learn Russian as well as him saying he discovered things “he wasn’t supposed to know, but that’s ‘not for you to know.’”

On political views, he said that he is fiercely independent and also spoke on “potential class warfare.”

“If wealth inequality continues to rise, sooner or later, the poorer class is going to rise up,” he said.

People in the video’s comments were thoroughly intrigued with Maria’s day, even mentioning that they would vote for him for president.

“I would vote for your dad if he ran for president. He calms me,” someone wrote.

“I live for this series,” another added.

Someone else believed that the dad needs to give a “TED Talk” and wrote, “He needs to do like a TED or YouTube or something.”

In a previous video, he also said that he was able to live under the radar in Russia because he was a ransomware program and was never caught “whole active.”

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