Police tried to use the Roll Safe meme and it backfired massively

Whoever is in charge of the D.C Police Department’s social media account needs a medal. Or needs to stop - we're not sure which it is yet.

On Thursday, they tweeted about following traffic laws.

But they used the Roll Safe meme.

After the cops decided to use the 2016 vintage meme, the Twitterati pounced, and responded with memes of their own:

And then used it to make a point or two...

The meme was sourced from a BBC Three YouTube show called the Hood Documentary, starring Kayode Ewumi. In the following episode, Roll Deep touches his temple with a crafty looking on his face, makes a joke about oral sex and voila - a meme was born.

It taps into a very London hood aesthetic that is both self - deprecating and an integral part of the city. It's familiar. We know why it's funny.

Brits on Twitter were concerned that Americans don't:

The following tweet sums it up best:

If you know, you know.

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