When Rupert Murdoch saw the exit poll 'he stormed out of the room', John Prescott tweets


Labour is forecasted to win 261 seats in the general election, despite all odds.

It seemed everything was against the party; from newspaper front pages begging the public to keep their vote as far away from leader Jeremy Corbyn as possible to abysmal polling numbers.

The Sun urged readers not to “chuck Britain in the Cor-bin,” while The Daily Mail offered readers a guide to tactical voting in order to keep the Tories in power.

But many are calling the results a victory for Corbyn against the "Murdoch machine".

So it’s no surprise to hear that media mogul Rupert Murdoch allegedly stormed out of The Times’ election party (a newspaper that most definitely endorsed the Tories) when he saw an exit poll predicting a hung parliament.

The former MP John Prescott claims that he heard this from a “very good source”.

indy100 has contacted representatives of Mr Murdoch for comment or clarification of Mr Prescott's claims

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