Ryanair's greatest social media takedowns and memes

Ryanair's greatest social media takedowns and memes
Ryanair passenger runs across tarmac to catch flight he'd missed

No company does social media quite like Ryanair – and it's refreshing to see.

While most company accounts often stick to the status quo with generic updates and mundane information, Ryanair has taken an unconventional approach and lapped up millions of TikTok views and viral tweets in the process.

The airline has no problem holding its own. And while we often wonder how they get their tongue-in-cheek Twitter presence and creative TikTok ideas signed off by management, we're here for it.

For instance, one follower savagely blasted the company for letting "20-something woke imbeciles" run their social media accounts.

What did Ryanair do? They simply and snarkily responded: "admins new bio."

The budget airline is incredibly self-aware too and use it to their advantage. When one user asked whether their planes had USB charging outlets, they hilariously told them, "yeah, they're just under the seat massage function."

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Ryanair roasted tennis star Novak Djokovic after breaking his silence over the recent jab controversy, resulting in his visa being cancelled and subsequently not playing in the Australian Open.

The BBC reported him saying, "I'm not anti-vax but will sacrifice trophies if told to get the jab."

The airline seized the idea of Djokovic not being an anti-vaxxer but refusing to get a jab and hilariously responded: "We're not an airline, but we do fly planes."

They also turned their attention to roast GB News host Calvin Robinson after criticising Ryanair for mocking Djokovic.

The host said they "barely manage" flying planes, adding: "stick to the poor quality budget travel, leave the politics to others."

Well, Ryanair was having none of it.

Instead, they told Robinson to stick to the "poor quality broadcasting" while reiterating his point to "leave the politics to others."

On the very same day, the airline poked fun at one of Kanye West's latest Instagram posts, which became an instant meme. The now-deleted image saw him holding a notepad reading: "My account is not hacked."

"Don't Ye just love fan art," they tweeted with a photo of a Ryanair jet.

Ryanair again turned to sarcasm to shut down one of their hating passengers.

The Twitter user told the company that their "planes very rarely take off," to which the airline highlighted they had "2,148 flights take off yesterday tbf, Jason".

And this was all said and done in 24 hours.

It's not just takedowns the airline do well. From calling Ryan Reynolds "daddy" to muting Boris Johnson on Safer Internet Day, please enter Ryanair's hysterical jokes and pop culture memes:

Indy100 reached out to Ryanair for comment.

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