Woman shocked after hearing Tinder date 'gaslight' his own mother

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A TikToker has shared footage of her Tinder date appearing to “gaslight” his own mom.

Creator Starr (trashstarrxx) shared a 35-second clip of her date arguing with his mother on the phone.

It’s not clear what the argument is about, but during it the date questions if his mom is “forgetting things”, and tells her she “sounds crazy”.

Since it was posted four days ago, the video has received 315,000 views, 75,000 likes, and 1800 comments.

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“I said yes in the beginning,” a man is heard saying at the start of the clip.

“Okay, alright so,” his mum begins, before he cuts her off and asks: “How did you forget that?”

She responded: “You and I, we talked with each other back and forth and I...”

She was once again cut off by her son, who said: “No, I said yes a long time ago, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You sound crazy right now. Are you forgetting things?”

She responded: “No I’m not forgetting - really?”

“No, no, no are you okay though, for real?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said.

He continued: “Because I said yes from the beginning.”

“I don’t recall you ever saying yes. I recall you b****ing a lot,” the mom said.

Commenters were less than impressed by the way the boy spoke to his mother.

“No way. You’re lucky you witnessed this early,” one commenter wrote.


Another remarked: “Red flags right away.”

“The way he treats his mother is a way he'll treat you, grams told me that at 11,” another said.


As Maya Angelou says, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time…

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