Shop bans customers from paying with cash stashed in bras during heatwave

<p>‘Mattress Mick’ did not hold back</p>

‘Mattress Mick’ did not hold back


As temperatures soar beyond 30C across parts of the UK, the sweltering heat has prompted one Dublin business to put an unexpected rule in place for customers.

People only need to turn to Twitter to see how much discomfort the Met Office’s ‘extreme heat alert’ has caused Brits, but there’s one strange adjustment that might surprise some. It seems as though shoppers are now ditching bags and using their bras as multifunctional money-carrying tools.

This payment method has become too much for one salesman. Michael Flynn of Mattress Mick, took to Facebook to announce that his bedding shop will no longer be accepting cash that has been stashed away in a bra. ‘NO BRA MONEY’, his poster explicitly read.

He wrote: “An URGENT alert in our #coolock store. Due to soaring heat wave across Dublin and on going safe trading with social distancing we would urge all customers not to pay us from their bras and keep your euro notes in your purse or handbag at all times.”

The handwritten small print sent Facebook into hysterics. It read: “Due to increasing temperatures, and for our own personal safety, we will NOT be accepting bra money. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

One customer highlighted, “Sure who’d be wearing a bra in this weather.”

While one man didn’t take the notice lightly, “Are you serious you clown . You don’t wanna make money at all ffs” he said.

A third mocked the salesman in a passionate response: “’Personal Safety!’ That’s hilariously ridiculous. What do you think the € euro notes are gonna do to you .....LOL .....jump up and bite you on the neck? They aren’t going to attack you....Chill.”

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