The Simpsons didn't predict the Queen's death according to fact checkers

The Simpsons didn't predict the Queen's death according to fact checkers
Homer nearly kills the Queen of England in The Simpsons episode

Whenever a world event occurs, people love to claim The Simpsons predicted it.

As the longest running TV show of all time, The Simpsons has had its moments in correctly predicting Donald Trump becoming president, the closing down of Toys "R" Us, and more.

So last week when people online claimed the show had correctly predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II, people assumed it must be true.

But fact checkers are saying the footage was digitally-altered.

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A picture circulated around Facebook and Twitter last week seemingly showing a Simpson's version of Queen Elizabeth II in a coffin with the words "Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022" written in it.

Lead Stories however says the photo is fake.

Although The Simpsons did feature the Queen in season 15, episode 4 called "The Regina Monologues", she does not die in the episode.

In the episode, Homer Simpson accidentally crashes his car into the Queen's carriage. This portion of the episode can be seen here.

Somebody took a screenshot of the Queen from the scene where she emerged from the car accident angry and photoshopped it onto a coffin featured in season 19, episode 8.

In the past, people have also falsely claimed the show has predicted the Canadian truckers convoy and Donald Trump's death.

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