Woman wants to know if she’s a**hole for being angry at sister over wedding dress dispute - internet says yes

<p>Wedding dress hanging against a wooden background</p>

Wedding dress hanging against a wooden background

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A woman asked the internet if she was in the wrong for wearing the same wedding dress her sister picked out for her special day - and the answer was resounding.

In a since-deleted post from the Reddit thread r/AmItheA**hole, a woman wanted to know if she was a**hole for “stealing” her sister’s wedding dress idea.

“So last year, my sister was engaged and would have her wedding whenever Covid-19 got less severe and what not. We spent a lot of last year searching for the perfect dress for her... and let’s just say she is really picky, so it took a long time,” the Redditor began the post.

“Wedding dress shopping and looking kind had become a hobby of mine so I would search on websites a lot for them ahha when suddenly I came across the perfect dress. I immediately screenshot it to send to my sister, knowing she would love it,” she adds.

But then, the thought dawned on her that she didn’t want to send the dress to her sister because she believed it was perfect for herself, but she wasn’t getting married at that time and sent the picture anyway.

The sister ended up adoring the dress, and a nearby store had it in stock. However, the sister’s engagement came to an end before the dress could be finalized.

Now the Redditor herself recently got engaged and couldn’t help but revisit the thought of the dress.

“I did feel some guilt, as the end of the engagement really broke my sister, and I didn’t want to be giving her bad memories, but [at] the same time I could not find any other dress,” she said.

She came clean and told her sister about it, which caused her to break down, saying the “wedding dress was hers, and she didn’t care because she was going to wear it for her wedding” despite being single.

The Redditor’s mom thinks her decision is “insensitive,” her fiancé believes that no one should have control of a wedding dress, while her brother thinks the other sister is being a “spoiled brat.’

Fellow Redditors commented on the situation and didn’t agree with the Redditor’s outlook despite understanding how much she loved the dress.

“Soft. I understand you found it, and you love it, but you did send it to her when she was getting married, and it was going to be hers. Imagine the heartache she is going to feel seeing you in it when her own engagement/wedding got called off. You should have asked her and had a conversation about it at the very least,” someone said.

“Yeah, this is cold beyond what I can imagine a sister doing to another sister that she actually loves,” someone else added.

In an update of the post, the Redditor recognized that she was in the wrong and decided to give her sister a call.

“I understand she had first dibs... and if her wedding actually went through I would have to wear another dress, haha. However, she asked me not to wear any dress with similar elements to the dress because she doesn’t want to seem like a copycat. But whatever like y’all said there are a billion dresses to choose from... and maybe a complete switch in style is what I’m looking for,” she said,

At least the sisters are seeing eye to eye now!

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