Man features video of him getting slapped by a monkey on his Hinge profile

A man thought it would be a good idea to feature a video of himself getting slapped by a monkey on his Hinge dating profile.

A clip of a screen recording showing the man’s profile has gone viral after it was posted by TikTok user @elexxxisbennett, who captioned it, “Hinge = free entertainment”.

Dillion has been labelled “husband material” after listing the video under the section explaining what his worst idea ever was.

He wrote his worst idea “was going to see monkeys in Thailand” and, with the accompanying video, it is clear (and hilarious) to see why.

In the video, a black monkey is seen sitting on Dillon’s shoulder. It has hold of his hair and head before it starts slapping him multiple times on the side of his head. Dillion let out a welp and said: “Ok, we’re done.”

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Hinge = free entertainment #hinge #voiceprompt

The clip has been viewed over 1.2 million times and it’s safe to Dillon has been a hit amongst other TikTok users for his ability to laugh at himself.

One person wrote: “I would give him a chance just for using this on his profile.”

Another said: “This is charmingly disarming.”

Dillion even had multiple offers of marriage based on the short video alone.

Someone commented: “I would marry this man.”

Another agreed, writing: “Defo husband material.”

Others just enjoyed revelling in how amusing the clip was, saying they’ve watched it multiple times.

One person commented: “I cannot stop laughing.”

Another, said: “I’ve watched this five times in a row. So good.”

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