'Amazon delivery driver's hilarious encounter with a 'way too grateful' puppy '

A man got his own form of petty revenge at the drive-thru by driving away with the "rude" customer's food behind him.

Kyle and his partner Nicole (@nca1987) were in the Steak 'n Shake queue when the cashier asked them to give her a minute. Nicole said the pair waited patiently, but the people in the car behind started honking their horn and "saying stuff" while their kids were in the car. Kyle confronted the driver and asked them what the issue was, but they rolled their windows up. When Kyle returned to the car, they started honking again.

When it was Kyle's turn to order, he explained to his partner: “These people back here behind me are being assholes; I’m going to buy their meal and take it.”

Nicole advises him not to, but he goes ahead with his ploy anyway.

He tells the cashier that he will buy and take whatever the people behind him have ordered. “Behind you? OK,” the cashier says, turning back to her register.

“[They] keep honking the horn?” she asks. Kyle nods and says that’s why he wants to “buy” the meal and take it.

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“Oh,” the cashier replies, while Kyle reaffirms, “So they can go back around.”

Another employee, who appears to be a manager, opens the drive-thru window to talk to Kyle.

“Can I buy their order since they were being assholes and take it with me?” Kyle asks. “Is that cool?”

The manager replies that he doesn’t care, and it sounds like he adds, “I’ll kick them out of line.”

The viral clip has racked up a whopping 7.4 million views along with thousands of comments from other TikTokers.

One speculated: "Obviously they made his meal again quick. Manager recognized more $$."

While another humoured, "Oh I love a good Petty Betty moment."

Another jokingly told Kyle he wasn't supposed to tell the cashier, "You’re supposed to tell the employee that the car behind you is with y’all," they said. "Let ‘em pull to the window with shocked workers."

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