Sugar baby claims she got paid $2,000 per month just for texting

Sugar baby claims she got paid $2,000 per month just for texting

A TikToker claims her sugar daddy gave her $2,000 a month and access to a credit card for simply texting him.

In an arrangement lasting three years, TikToker Bailey Hunter said she didn’t even have to send him pictures.

The Indiana woman explained that she met the sugar daddy while waitressing. He left a generous tip of $100 on a $40 bill along with his business card.

As he left before she could thank him for the tip, she texted him and let him know that she appreciated it. He told her she deserved it and asked when she was next working so he could come back in.

She told him, and when he came back during her next shift he said that he was opening a bar and wanted to find out if she would be interested in bartending. She said yes as she had just turned 21 and so the pair kept in touch, eventually becoming friends.

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“Whenever we would text it would be super casual, and I would honestly just vent to him like I would vent to any of my other friends,” she said.

One day, she complained about things breaking in her home after she had to shell out to replace a dishwasher and washing machine. As new appliances are expensive, she had to pick up extra shifts to cover the cost of replacing them.

He then just sent her the money for it, she said. After that, he started sending her cash without her having to ask over the course of three years.

“For three years this went on and then one day he was like ‘I really want to take you out on a date’. He was always coming to see me at work so I was really getting comfortable with him, I was talking with him all the time, so I was like ‘you know what, fine’,” she said.

He took her shopping on the first date where she bought Victoria Secret bras, perfume, and a Michael Kors bag.

She said: “This was my first time I’ve ever even known what sugar baby dating is, I never had anything like this before. And living in Indiana it’s not super common so it wasn’t something I was used to seeing.”

He also sent her VIP tickets to EDC Orlando and Cardi B concert tickets.

She said because she got “spoiled” so much, she wanted to find another sugar daddy when she moved away. When she left Indiana she “gave him” to one of her friends and he started lavishing her friend with cash instead. Hoping to find a more local sugar daddy, she signed up to a website in a bid to find another generous man with deep pockets - but she quickly realised her original sugar daddy was a “unicorn” as most want “more than just to text”.

“It was good while it lasted,” she concluded.

Since it was posted the video has received 7.9 million views, 1.3 million likes, and over 10,000 comments.

One of the top comments said he sounds like more of a “pay pig” than a sugar daddy, but Bailey responded to say: “He didn’t ask for certain talk like pay pigs like. Our conversation was very casual.”

One viewer joked: “I look at God and ask why not me?”.

“He actually seems like a good dude, ngl [not gonna lie],” another said.

Another viewer shared that she met a “unicorn” while waitressing too, but he’s now her husband.

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