Sunday rest: TikTok’s latest wellness trend can help you have a productive week

Sunday rest: TikTok’s latest wellness trend can help you have a productive week
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Sundays are typically associated with the day of rest, but the latest TikTok wellness trend has turned the last day of the week into a relaxing reset routine.

With over 437m views, the "#sundayrest" has become a regular occurrence in the lives of Gen-Z and millennials who post how they spend their Sunday - such as cleaning, washing up doing the laundry, in order to prepare for the week ahead.

To make their videos even more pleasing to watch, people seamlessly edit their videos so that their cleaning efforts have smooth transitions.

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An example of a popular video from the trend is by TikToker Alexa (@virgohabits), where she shared how she gets "out of her slump" by washing her bedding, tidying up her bedroom, cleaning her desk, putting fresh bed sheets on her bed, organising her wardrobe, vacuuming, and then buying herself flowers at the supermarket.

"Open the window, play your fav music, clean your space, & buy yourself flowers," she wrote in the caption and encouraged others to join in with the #sundayrest.

The video has received 2.8m views, 578,000 likes, along with over a thousand comments from people who loved watching Alexa's Sunday routine.


all day in pjs type beat🦭 #sundayreset #cleanwithme #thatgirl #thatgirlsunday #sundayresetwithme #selfcareday

One person said: "This was insanely satisfying!!"

"Thanks for the idea I desperately need this reset," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Nothing else can make me more motivated then that girl tiktok."

"Fav day of the week," a fourth person commented.

Now, over 100 Sunday reset videos have been analysed by PR & marketing experts at Unearth PR who have uncovered the key elements to a calming routine that clears your mind and sets you up for a productive upcoming week.

The data revealed that the below activities were the most popular among the soothing videos:

  1. Washing and changing bed sheets
  2. Hoovering the sofa and floors
  3. Laundry
  4. Cleaning bathroom and surfaces
  5. Lighting candles
  6. Washing dishes
  7. Displaying fresh flowers
  8. Writing a weekly goals list
  9. Restocking clear food containers
  10. Room misting

While the videos are satisfying to watch, the real question is does doing these 10 things on a Sunday actually impact your productivity the following week?

According to Georgia Gadsby March, Co-Founder of Unearth PR, having a Sunday reset of your own can help clear your head to boose productivity during the week.

“As Gen-Z marketing experts, we’ve seen plenty of TikTok trends come and go, but the #sundayreset seems to be sticking around longer than most," Gadsby March said.

"Taking a similar form to TikTok’s popular #minivlogs, they aim to give a peek into TikToker's home lives, but these particular videos have a strong emphasis on wellness and routine.

She continued: "Sunday resets are the perfect way to ensure you’re prioritising your mental health and wellbeing. When life feels like it’s moving at a million miles per hour, it’s incredibly easy to forget to do the washing up, give hoovering a miss, and leave a cupboard restock until the very last minute.

"We easily mistake day jobs and side hustles as priorities in our lives when, in reality, you can’t function properly when your headspace is taken up with the knowledge that you have to clean your home or you have a pile of dishes getting larger and larger in the sink.

"Making these tasks an essential part of your end of week routine can help clear this headspace and ensure your productivity levels are as high as they can be," she added.

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