The best Super Bowl 2024 memes as Chiefs and Taylor Swift win and 49ers lose

The best Super Bowl 2024 memes as Chiefs and Taylor Swift win and 49ers lose
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It's the first Sunday in February and you know what that means? That's right, it's the Super Bowl and this year's is shaping up to be one of the most memorable on record.

Not only do we have two of the best teams in the NFL going up against each other; the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, but there will also have a half-time show by R'n'B legend Usher.

Oh and let's not forget away from the field the small matter of Taylor Swift, possibly the most famous person on the planet, attending the match in Las Vegas to support her boyfriend, the Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days in the US calendar and regardless of which teams are playing and who is performing at the half-time show, social media will be ablaze with memes and jokes about the event which will be watched by millions around the globe.

Even before the game kicked off, there were plenty of memes floating around and it will only intensify throughout the night.

Brits enjoying the festivities is also a talking point.

And what about all those ads and trailers?

The Swifties are out in force for the Chiefs.

Let's not forget about Usher.

Or the 49ers.

Ahead of kick-off, users were left fuming at Paramount Plus...

Onto the game - and safe hands 'CMC' - Christian McCaffery turned possession directly over to the Chiefs minutes after kickoff with a rare fumble:

It wasn't long before the Chiefs recorded a fumble of their own - something which drew the ire of Travis Kelce who raged at Andy Reid on the bench after being brought out of play:

The 49ers cemented a 10-0 lead with the first touchdown of the game from a trick play that saw Christian McCaffery surge into the endzone. It had us screaming:

We went in with the score at 10-3 to the 49ers, which gave Usher the perfect stage to tear the house down in Vegas:

The Chiefs responded with a touchdown and it was 10 - 13 into the 4th and final quarter:

Until the 49ers responded with a TD of their own - taking the score to 16-13 - and getting their extra point blocked:

The Chiefs got back into the game with a field goal, but they simply traded it for another field goal - with 1:53 on the clock the 49rs led 19 - 16, before ANOTHER field goal took the game into overtime - the second in Super Bowl history.

And the final drive of the game saw Andy Reid trust Patrick Mahomes to take it all the way. Overtime wins are intense and Mahomes made sure they won in dramatic fashion.

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