'Surfer man' with long hair and shorts in 1917 photograph hailed as 'proof' of time travel

'Surfer man' with long hair and shorts in 1917 photograph hailed as 'proof' of time travel
Time Travel proof found. Truth or Illusion?

The appearance of a long-haired surfer dude in a vintage picture from 1917 has sparked theories about time travel.

The picture, titled “Last Picnic” was taken more than 100 years ago, at San Josef Bay on Vancouver Island in Canada, in 1917. It depicts a group of people, both adults and children, sitting on a hill.

The outfits of most in the picture are what would be considered old-fashioned today. The women are wearing ankle-length skirts and bonnets, while most of the men are dressed in shirts and smart trousers, with some even in waistcoats and ties.

But, while most of the people in the image are dressed according to the times, some eagle-eyed viewers spotted one “surfer man” who wore baggy shorts and a large t-shirt and looked like he was straight out of the 20th century.

The long-haired man has seemingly attracted the attention of those around him as one man next to him appears to be staring at him, while a woman standing on the right of the image looks to be pointing in his direction.

YouTube/Jamie D. Grant, Eva Peterson

The picture was shared online by YouTuber, Jamie D. Grant, who came across the interesting picture in Lester Ray Peterson’s 1974 historical book, The Great Cape Scott Story.

He questioned whether the image was “proof” of time travel, saying: “Notice the group, their clothes, their hats. Even how they sit poised for a photo.

“Now look closer. His head uncovered, his hair, his shorts. The man on the left stares in disbelief. Has a mysterious traveler proved the impossible and journey through time? What do you think?”

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