The Rock called out for wearing fake Man Utd shirt in David Beckham tribute

The Rock called out for wearing fake Man Utd shirt in David Beckham tribute
The Rock dresses up as David Beckham for Halloween
Dwayne Johnson

Halloween 2023 was the year celebrities went above and beyond with their outfits, with many cosplaying as fellow A-listers.

Social media feeds were filled with a swarm of Britneys, while Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne dressed as Kanye West and his wife in her 'pillow outfit'.

The Rock almost instantly went viral after sporting a Manchester United shirt as David Beckham, too.

Beckham himself was impressed by the former wrestler's efforts and left a comment on his Instagram post. "I mean I thought I was looking in the mirror. Looking good man you might need a bigger jersey," he wrote.

He went on to share the photo on his own Instagram page, where it racked up thousands of likes and comments.

Iconic, yes. But, attention soon turned to the football shirt with some commenting that it was fake.

"The richest actor in the world with a fake football shirt," one person wrote, while another added: "Lol, with all that money and can’t even afford a real shirt. Can’t look any more American wearing that."

"Someone has clearly been watching the Netflix documentary, could have at least bought a real shirt though," one Instagrammer said.

Meanwhile, a third felt as though people were taking it a little too seriously, reassuring trolls that "it's just fancy dress."

It comes after Beckham's docuseries hit Netflix, with never-before-seen footage of him and his family.

The show delved into his humble beginnings to how he met Victoria and cheating allegations.

It has since birthed a TikTok trend dubbed the 'Beckham test,' to see whether partners join in on dancing to 'Islands in the Stream' following a wholesome scene scene between Victoria and David.

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