Kim Kardashian, who has an Armenian background
Kim Kardashian, who has an Armenian background

These are the world's sexiest nationalities, according to a survey by Miss Travel, a website which matches up potential adventurers with "generous travellers".

The site polled more than 110,000 people about the sexiest nationalities, and the results hold good news for Irish men and Armenian women.

Sexiest nationalities for women:

  1. Armenian

  2. Barbadian/Bajan

  3. American

  4. Colombian

  5. English

  6. Australian

  7. Brazilian

  8. Filipina

  9. Bulgarian

  10. Lebanese

Sexiest nationalities for men

  1. Irish

  2. Australian

  3. Pakistani

  4. American

  5. English

  6. Scottish

  7. Italian

  8. Nigerian

  9. Danish

  10. Spanish

Note: the data was based on preferences of 44,873 American men and 66,309 American women.

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