This sassy cat definitely did not want to be disturbed from pampering when his owner burst in on him having a ‘relaxing’ spa day.

Chase, a tabby, was relaxing under a towel when Fifi Furrha, 27, came in and turned off the calming music.

But Chase had other ideas and meowed loudly in protest until Fifi relented and left him to enjoy his treatments.

Two-year old Chase has lived with Fifi and Kareem Khalil, 30, also seen enjoying the spa treatment in the video, since he was a kitten.

A cat having a spa dayChase the cat having a spa day

Fifi said: “We love him dearly. He is full of personality. His personality resembles a human baby. He is very needy and affectionate. He wants to be constantly held and loved.”

The married couple have been creating videos with Chase on their TikTok channel @dontstopmeowing for about a year.

Fifi added: “It was a video of him sitting on my shoulder and crying for attention. Nothing has changed!”

Their ‘cat family’ channel has over 3.4m followers and features videos from their home in Irvine, California, USA.

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