We spoke to the man who claims he smashed his phone while taking Pokémon Go advice a little too literally

Picture: @OfficiallyMJB/Twitter
Picture: @OfficiallyMJB/Twitter

Thanks to Pokémon Go, people really can catch 'em all – a Snorlax in Leicester Square, a Magikarp in the river Thames and countless Rattata scurrying through the streets.

And it’s really quite simple: you download the game, the GPS on your phone clocks how long you walk and detects where Pokémon are (depending on where you are and what time it is).

And then you can catch them using your Android or iOS phone.

Except one man called Martin claimed he got a little bit confused about that process:

Last week he asked his friends how to play...

And apparently took their advice a little too literally...

Surely he didn't actually throw his phone at the Charmander?

indy100 caught up with Martin:

I was fairly lucky that the phone landed on its back, the screen itself is nearly undamaged except for a small crack in the corner.

People on Twitter made jokes...

Some empathised with his plight:

And questioned Martin's motives…

Many people expressed confusion about how he managed to take a picture of his broken phone, to which he had explained he used an iPad.

And while Martin insists that the unfortunate event really happened, perhaps a level of scepticism is healthy...

Martin concluded:

I do find it funny how people are split over whether it was "fake" or not. At the end of the day, people will think what they want. I even saw some people trying to piece together the timeline of how it happened with the timestamps on my messages and tweets.

Some people need to lighten up a bit and stop taking it so seriously.

The post has been shared almost 30,000 times, and appears to be an expensive joke at best, and a complete misunderstanding of Pokémon Go at worst - or, more likely, a simple copy and paste job.

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