TikTok AI trend with a festive twist: Can YOU guess the 10 Christmas films from this AI artwork?

TikTok AI trend with a festive twist: Can YOU guess the 10 Christmas films from this AI artwork?

The latest trend to sweep TikTok involves using artificial intelligence to bring to life different words, phrases, names, and lyrics and it’s all pretty impressive.

Thanks to the advancement of AI technology that allows people to “create” these kind of paintings through the AI-powered mobile app Wombo Art, the TikTok hashtag #AIpainting has more than 12.1m views as people share what words they’ve entered and the subsequent work of art the AI app has made.

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s nothing better than kicking back and getting cosy to watch our favourite festive films on repeat - and with more than 1,000 Christmas movies, there’s plenty to choose from.

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But TheToyZone decided to put technology to the test and combine this latest popular TikTok trend with the best holiday films to see what kind of AI art gets created when they input the title names into the app.

Can you recognise the following 10 movies just from their AI paintings?

Scroll down to the bottom of the story to find out if you’ve guessed correctly...

1. It’s In The Singing of a Street Corner Choir Toy Zone

Hint: It’s a new retelling of an old classic, and Boris Johnson mentioned a character from this film in a speech...

2. A wonderful painting Toy Zone

Hint: The film is a Christmas classic...

3. The festive spoilsport Toy Zone

Hint: A woman went viral after she was compared to this character on TikTok...

4. Santa’s not so little helper Toy Zone

Hint: The film stars an “Anchorman.”

5. A spooky festive flick Toy Zone

Hint: This could also be classed as a Halloween film.

6. All aboard! Toy Zone

Hint: A Christmas film we imagine TikTok star Francis Bourgeois would love...

7. Feeling frosty Toy Zone

Hint: A personification of the cold weather

8. Cute. Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous. Toy Zone

Hint: Don’t worry, they’re fictional creatures.

9. Yippee Ki Yay it’s Christmas Toy Zone

Hint: This is one of the great festive debates as to whether this is even a Christmas film.

10. A Christmas debate that’s out of our Depp Toy Zone

Hint: You wouldn’t want this character to be your hairdresser

Answers: 1) The Muppets Christmas Carol, 2) It’s A Wonderful Life, 3) The Grinch, 4) Elf, 5) The Nightmare Before Christmas, 6) Polar Express, 7) Jack Frost, 8) Gremlins, 9) Die Hard, 10) Edward Scissorhands.

How many did you guess correctly?

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