Woman interrupted while doing bikini yoga on beach - by cute kid who asked to join in

Fitness influencer, Amy Luong, had an expected guest join her during her stretching routine

A fitness influencer's TikTok is going viral after she posted a video of herself doing yoga on the beach when an unexpected guest interrupted her - a four-year-old girl.

Amy Luong posts fitness and wellness content to her social media pages for her followers. So when she decided to film herself doing beach yoga it was nothing out of the ordinary. But in the middle of Luong's stretching routine, a girl came up to her asking if she could join in.

To Luong's surprise, the little girl knew what she was doing. The young girl told Luong her parents taught her how to do yoga. In the background, the girl's father can be seen doing handstands on the beach.

The two touched their toes, did downward and upward dog, and stretched their arms together. The little girl even taught the fitness influencer some stretches she didn't know.

wasn’t expecting that #stretching #whenimolder


wasn’t expecting that #stretching #whenimolder

wasn’t expecting that #stretching #whenimolder

The video has over 13 million views on TikTok and 28,000 on Instagram.

"So thankful fitness brings anyone and everyone together." Luong wrote in her Instagram caption.

As the adorable little girl said to Luong, "namaste".

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