'I'm not the villain': TikTok divided over woman who refused to swap …
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We all love a good freebie but, the question is, what lengths would you go to to get one?

One woman has revealed how she bagged herself some free legal advice but not everyone is impressed by her “hustle”.

TikTok user Gina Penelope posted a video over the weekend admitting that she once used the combined powers of LinkedIn and seduction to find herself an obliging lawyer.

She wrote in the caption to the clip: “A few years ago I needed legal advice and I couldn’t afford it so I researched on LinkedIn a lawyer in my area that could help me.”

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She said she then deliberately “‘bumped into him” for a week straight at his local Starbucks until he asked her out.

“We dated for about a month in which he helped me out so much and I got my legal procedure resolved,” she ended her proud confession.

In a side note, she added: “We didn’t work out but god bless him. Haha Frank you will always be remembered.”


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Gina’s clip racked up more than 220,000 likes and 1.5 million views in just five days as fellow TikTokers found themselves divided over her cunning ruse.

“This is both inspiring and deeply unsettling,” one wrote.

“As a lawyer I respect the hustle,” commented a second.

“That’s strategic problem solving,” added a third.

While a fourth remarked: “This should be a movie plot.”

Others were more perplexed by her approach, with one saying: “Stories like these make me realise I’m not that crazy after all.”

And whilst one alleged lawyer applauded Gina writing: “A win’s a win…”, another disagreed.

“Not me,” he wrote. “A lawyer taking notes so I avoid giving out my location accidentally to randoms - this is odd.”

Gina replied with a series of laughing emojis, warning: “Stay safe king.”

Her story prompted others to share their own similar experiences, with one woman revealing: “I needed a lawyer, so I found one on Tinder.”

Gina replied admiringly: “That’s literally genius and the only thing that would get me back on a dating app.”

Another said: “For law school I dated this girl who recently graduated to help me with some assignments since I was starting.”

Again, Gina offered her endorsement, saying: “Girl, at the end of the day it’s networking HAHAHA.”

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