Job candidate called out on Zoom for ordering Popeyes during interview

TikToker orders Popeyes during job interview
TikToker orders Popeyes during job interview

Interviewing for a new job can be stressful, and having something to take the edge off might not seem like a bad idea.

One TikToker took that sentiment to the extreme by choosing to order Popeyes during a recent job interview as part of a TikTok stunt.

Rather than participate in the customary way during his Zoom interview, user @tooapree, whose real name is Asif Khan, chose to participate in the interview while driving and ordering a fish sandwich at a Popeyes drive-through.

TikToker orders Popeyes during a job interview TikTok/@tooapree

The TikToker, whose famous for trolling job interviews and posting them online, surprised the woman conducting the interview when she noticed he was driving.

“I don’t recommend you drive while we do this,” the interviewer says.

“Oh I’m not, I’m parked now,” Khan lies before a Popeyes employee asks for his order over the intercom

“Are you ordering food?” asked the interviewer.

TikToker orders Popeyes during job interview TikTok/@tooapree

“No, no, no, no,” replies Khan, before ordering a fish sandwich.

“Okay,” the interviewer stares intently at Khan, before asking if he’s available to work weekends. Khan nods and replies yes, right before the Popeyes employee asks him to confirm his order over the intercom.

The two silently stare awkwardly at one another, before the interviewer confirms what she already knows.

“You know I can see you,” the interviewer laughs. “ I know you’re ordering food on this interview.”

Khan continues to assure his interviewer that he’s not ordering food and is simply parked in his car instead.

While we admire Khan’s boldness, we’re guessing he didn’t get the job.

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