TikToker showed up at Sean Kingston’s home in viral clip – and he looked furious

TikToker showed up at Sean Kingston’s home in viral clip – and he looked furious

Not many people appreciate an unexpected visitor, but what do you do when a complete stranger knocks on your door, questions what you do for a living and asks to come inside?

Well, TikTok star Aaron Vankampen (@aaron.vankampen) took to the app with a clip doing just that.

The viral TikTok, which has racked a whopping 31.3 million views, shows Aaron knocking on a luxurious home in Los Angeles. To viewers’ surprise, a confused Sean Kingston opened the door – and no, he didn’t take his own advice from his 2009 ‘Fire Burning’ hit and call 911.

Aaron greeted Kingston by telling him his house was “absolutely stunning”, but the polite exchange soon turned awkward when he inquisitively asked the singer, “What do you do for a living?”

A furious looking Kingston initially ignored his question as he was more concerned about how the TikToker got into his house.

“The gate was open”, Aaron said, which prompted one of his followers to take to the comments to joke that “someone in security is getting fired.”

After explaining that he was Sean Kingston, the pair share a reluctant fist bump. “Pleasure to meet you”, the TikToker added.

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Just as things couldn’t get any more intrusive, the TikToker shamelessly asked whether he could go inside the Los Angeles property, to which a disgruntled Kingston replied: “Not right now.”

Thousands of fellow TikTok users flocked to the viral clip. One suggested that the singer “didn’t pass the vibe check”, – which prompted backlash from other users.

“You are all talking about not passing the vibe check, but I wouldn’t let no random person recording in my house either”, one responded, while another said they would also be “salty too if someone came to my house, said they didn’t know who I was, then asked to come in. No way.”

“Why don’t people respect privacy”, another added.

While others joked about the singer’s dismay: “A good man in a bad mood.”

“I think we woke him up from a nap.”

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