Astonishing video of Tesla jump gone wrong goes viral

Astonishing video of Tesla jump gone wrong goes viral
Tesla car flies 50 feet into the air before crashing
LAPD Central Traffic

Astonishing video footage of a Tesla driver attempting to jump a hill in Los Angeles, only for them to wreck their car and two other vehicles, has gone viral online – with the local police department offering a $1,000 reward for information about the person responsible.

According to a post on TikTok, which has since received more than 10 million views, creator Durte Dom claims he was behind the failed stunt, while social media users believe the influencer was trying to replicate a 2020 clip from YouTuber David Dobrik.

In the video, shared on Sunday, Dom can be seen eating hemp gummies before trying to jump the infamous Echo Park hill. The car goes airborne for a couple of seconds, before the front of it crashes with the road and veers downhill.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok have since placed their own label on the video, warning that “participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt”.


just got this last week too smh… 😅 got me too zooted #tesla #marchmadness

Commenters were quick to ridicule and criticise Dom for the stunt, with one writing the content creator was “getting Tesla mixed up with SpaceX”.

“GTA [Grand Theft Auto] 6 looks dope,” added another.

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Even the gummies company, Gassy LA, condemned the act, writing underneath the video: “We are not condoning this behaviour [and] you will see our lawyers, Dom.”

The influencer, with 2.7 million followers on the video sharing platform, has since gone on to request Gassy pay for a replacement vehicle, saying in a follow-up video several hours later: “I don’t even know what happened last night, I was so f***ed up off these guys right here. Oh my god.”

Further videos also show him laughing as the crash made headlines, in what is completely normal behaviour after damaging vehicles in a dangerous stunt.


#greenscreen yall better pay my bail 🤦‍♀️🤣 #tesla #marchmadness

A stunt so dangerous, with damage so severe, that the Los Angeles Police Department shared footage of the “misdemeanour hit-and-run” to their YouTube channel on Sunday, stating there was a $1,000 reward which leads to the driver’s “identification, apprehension, and conviction or resolution through a civil compromise”.

The video’s description reads: “On 20 March 2022, at 12:10am, the rental driver of a black 2018 Tesla S-BLM decided to perform a dangerous stunt, at Baxter Street and Alvarado Street, where he collided with several trash cans and two parked vehicles.

“The stunt was recorded by several spectators who posted it on several social media accounts.

“There is currently no description of [the] driver, and the Tesla was abandoned at [the] scene. A misdemeanour hit-and-run was completed, and detectives will be following up with the renter,” the police force said.

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