A Growing IVF Industry Needs More Oversight

A woman revealed she and her two older sisters are triplets even though they were born four years apart leaving people's minds blown.

TikToker Shelby posted a TikTok video using the popular "put a finger down" challenge where she explained how she and her older siblings were conceived.

Shelby revealed that her parents had used IVF to have children in the 1980s when the technology was relatively new. After creating embryos, they implemented half of them into her mother in 1990 which resulted in her older twin sisters.

Then four years later they implemented the other half leading to Shelby.

Since Shelby and her two sisters were conceived at the same time from the same cycle, she belies on the technicality that she and her sisters are triplets.

"So really me and my sisters are fraternal triplets that are separated by four years because we were all conceived at the same time in 1990," Shelby says.

Over 11 million people watched Shelby's video in awe of the interesting take.

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i still get random shivers sometimes ❄️☃️ #takeaNAIRbreak #CatOnALeash #fyp #storytimevideos #birthstory #smallhands #frozen

"Never thought about that and now I'm obsessed with you being the third triplet that just hung out for a beat in the freezer," a commenter wrote.

"🤯🤯 So you're actually 32 lol," someone wrote.

With over 16K comments, it was inevitable that people would relate to Shelby's situation.

"omg same! I have a twin sister and my little sister is 4 years younger but we're all from ivf," a commenter added.

"Same thing with me!! I was frozen for almost 3 years!! My older sisters are twins too! I have never heard anyone else tell this story!!! Wild," a commenter said.

Shelby posted a follow-up video revealing what she and her sisters, Courtney and Becca, look like. People agreed all sisters resemble each other but none are identical.

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