Tradesman goes viral after ripping up garden at wrong house because of ‘stupid’ street layout

<p>TikTok shows Driegan’s panic at working at the wrong address</p>

TikTok shows Driegan’s panic at working at the wrong address


An Australian tradie who turned up early to a job and began ripping up a garden lawn went viral after realising his “unfortunate mistake” – he was at the wrong house.

Dreigan Fisher arrived at an address in Melbourne’s Cranbourne West before his boss Tyler Brooks and decided to get to work on the back yard.

But Dreigan didn’t have a clue that he was in fact at the wrong house – and was actually due at another house just three doors down, which is on the same street and has the same number.

Confusing, right?

(Left) The house Dreigan incorrectly went to, (right) the house Dreigan was supposed to goTikTok/dafishaaa

When Dreigan eventually discovered his blunder, the damage was already done. So he shared a video explaining what happened on TikTok, describing the situation as “embarrassing.”

Coincidently, both homes had planned renovations on Monday.

In the video, Dreigan explains how the house was at the intersection of Killearn Ave with Faolan Way but that the house on Killearn Ave is alongside the homes on Faolan Way.

“What a way to start the day,” Dreigan says.

“I get a text to say 37, I wait for the client to come in with the excavator, waited for Tyler, pulled up the pavers, only to find up there’s a 37 all the way down there too,” he said.

“I’ve just gone to a complete strangers house, got them to open up the shed, pulled up their pavers, waited for my boss, just to find out it’s the wrong house. F**k.”

His boss Tyler Brooks, owner of Tylers Landscaping, even made a video about his employee’s mistake.

“Get a load of this,” Brooks says, as he shows the house Dreigan incorrectly began working on.

“I’m running late so he [Dreigan] comes in and starts moving things and ripping up pavers, but what he didn’t know was that’s actually the wrong house.”

A Google Maps image of where the incident took placeGoogle Maps

Tyler then walks to the address a few doors down to show the close proximity between that property and the other number 37.

He explained how they would have to correct Dreigan’s mistake by fixing the pavers that were incorrectly pulled out.

Both videos have gone viral since Dreigan shared them on Tuesday, with a combined total of 698,000 views so far.

Fortunately for Dreigan, Tyler was very understanding and defended him, blaming the street’s “stupid setup.”

“It’s a really stupid set up because it’s all part of the one block of units but the end unit belongs to a different street but has the same number 37,” Tyler told

“Dreigan is a loyal worker who doesn’t answer back, just does what he’s told. As you saw, he did what I asked. It was just unfortunate that there was another 37, 3 houses away,” he continued.

“Can’t blame him he did everything right.”

You have our sympathy, Dreigan.

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