We've all seen on-air hiccups during live news broadcasts and they are never not funny.

We've seen accidental swearing, car crashes and literal lizards climbing on people and just when you thought you had seen it all a newsreader literally pushes a many of the public out of a shot.

Darla Miles, who works for ABC 7 was reporting outside of the New York City's Port Authority about an accident in New Jersey when her piece to the camera almost had an uninvited guest.

An older gentleman wandered into the shot but Miles managed to effortlessly stop him with just her arm and she didn't even have to break her sentence.

We're not sure about you but this might be the coolest thing we've ever seen and something that every journalist should aspire to.

In just a handful of days, the clip has been viewed more than 3.6 million times on Twitter and people are loving it.

Thankfully, Miles can see the funny side of the moment and has fully embraced the meme.

Amazingly alternative footage from the day showed that this wasn't the only time that Miles had to stop somebody ruining her shot on that day.

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