One Twitter user’s unfortunate typo turned her dilemma into an NSFW one

One Twitter user’s unfortunate typo turned her dilemma into an NSFW one

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Gone are the days where we could complain Twitter hasn’t rolled out an edit feature whenever we made a typo, as the tool is now available on the paid Twitter Blue subscription in certain countries. Unfortunately, though, that didn’t stop one user from going viral on Friday with a rather embarrassing error.

Helen Seber Bridgwood, a self-proclaimed “sewing fan” from London, took to Twitter yesterday morning to inform her followers of a particular dilemma she was experiencing concerning access to her house.

Yet that wasn’t quite what she posted.

Attaching a picture of her smiling outside her house with bright pink lipstick and a pink floral headband, she wrote: “This is the face of a woman who has licked herself out and everyone else is either asleep or in the shower.”

Oh, Helen…

It appears it took about 10 minutes for her to notice the mistake, quickly issuing two follow-up tweets to explain she meant “locked” and to say she had “disgraced myself”.

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It happens to us all, Helen – typos, that is, not the other thing.

However, rather than deciding to take down the tweet, Helen decided to leave it up as she “realised that we all needed a laugh”.

It has since garnered a pretty big reaction from other accounts, with some responding to thank her for giving them a “much-needed laugh”.

One joked: “And without smudging your lipstick!”

“You should set up an Only Fans. You’d make a fortune,” replied another.

A third wrote: “You’ve just gotta own it now.”

Helen isn’t the only individual to have gone viral on Twitter for a rather awkward spelling error, as former BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker made ‘dogging’ trend on the platform in August following a typo about his Channel 5 show.

And just last month, Fox News adding an unnecessary ‘H’ in the word ‘Wales’ led to a terrible blunder when talking about Princess Kate.

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