'UFO crash' on uninhabited island found on Google Maps

'UFO crash' on uninhabited island found on Google Maps
'There are events in which we do not have an explanation': Leading ...

A TikTok user discovered a strange-looking object on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean - and suspects it may be a UFO.

In a video, viewed by over 700,000 people, TikTok user Googlemapsfun zoomed in on an object on Starbuck Island, Kiribati where a round metal-like object is washed up on the beaches of the island.

The object looks like a discolored metal scrap in an oblong shape. A sand trail leading up to the object makes it appear as though the object rolled around the island before settling where it now is.

Since the coral island is only five miles long and two miles wide with little vegetation and no residents the TikTok user wondered how the object ended up on the island.

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"Could this be [a] UFO crash?" the TikToker questioned.

People are theorizing a small object on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean is a UFO Google Maps

UFOs have become a hot topic lately as Congress conducts its first congressional hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) in 50 years.

Multiple military persons who claim to have witnessed a UFO sighting have shared their experiences along with everyday people who say they have been abducted.

For years, the world has wondered if there is life in the universe and finding strange objects in the sky or on Google Maps emphasizes the question.

However, it seems the potential UFO sighting on Starbuck Island may just be a theory as many commenters pointed out that the objects look like the bow of a ship.

"On August 7, 1896 the Norwegian ship Seladon was wrecked against the barrier."

"It's part of a wrecked ship from the 1800's. The tide has dragged it across the sand Bank thru the decades."

"loads of ships were wrecked on that island in 19th century."

Due to the island's location and surrounding reefs, multiple ships have been wrecked around Starbuck Island. In 2014, Kiribati designated a 12-mile fishing exclusion zone surrounding the island.

Using the coordinates, 5°38'04.2"S 155°56'01.6"W people can find the object on Google Maps and determine for themselves what they believe it is.

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