Video of Ukrainian man removing a land mine with his bare hands goes viral

Video of Ukrainian man removing a land mine with his bare hands goes viral
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Valery Zaluzhny

Since Russia launched a "full-on" invasion into Ukraine, there have been a plethora of videos circulating on social media that have gone viral - and this latest unverified footage is another example.

In Berdyansk, a port city in southeast Ukraine, a video has emerged showing one brave Ukrainian man, casually carrying what is being reported as a landmine across an empty street and into a forest, all while holding a lit cigarette in his mouth (perhaps to calm his nerves...)

The man who was sporting a black puffer jacket, jeans and dark trainers, walked off with the mine in hand - holding it at arm's length of course - as the clip ends, according to the Daily Mailit is an anti-tank mine.

On Twitter, The New Voice of Ukraine shared the footage in which it claimed the man removed the landmine from the road in order to clear the way for the Ukrainian military.

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Since posting the video on February 27, it has received 2m views, with over 28,000 likes.

People on Twitter had plenty of praise for the Ukrainian man "with balls of steel" who was still able to enjoy his ciggy while carrying out the dangerous task.

This is not the first video that has gone viral since the conflict began, with one clip showing a Ukrainian man mocking Russian troops to their face and offering them a “tow them back to Russia."

Another video that has emerged appears to show a Ukrainian man attempting to stop a convoy of Russian trucks by himself.

However, due to the nature of social media, there has been an example of misleading viral footage being shared claiming to show "The Ghost of Kyiv" an urban legend of a Ukrainian pilot who shot down six Russian planes on the first day of fighting - in action.

Turns out this footage was not the mysterious pilot but footage from a simulation game, according to fact-checkers.

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