Russia-Ukraine crisis explained ... in 100 words

Russia-Ukraine crisis explained ... in 100 words
Russia-Ukraine crisis: Is there a diplomatic solution to the conflict?

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is becoming a top global issue, with Russia seemingly preparing to invade.

With tensions high, more people are watching the two countries closely hoping for a peaceful resolution. But for those who aren't aware of the crisis, here is a brief synopsis of the issue.

In true indy100 style, we tried to keep it short, to-the-point, and tried our very best to keep to 100 words, plus the help of some memes.

It begins back in the USSR...

From 1919 to 1991, Ukraine was part of the USSR. The two countries share a border making them deeply connected. But since Ukraine's independence, Russia has expressed desire to reunite the two.

In 2014, Ukraine's last pro-Russia leader was overthrown. President Vladimir Putin responded by seizing Crimea, a territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine has tried to move away from Russian influence, attempting to join the EU and becoming a partner country to NATO.

Now Putin is trying to intimidate Ukraine by putting troops near the border with invasion looming. Now, the world waits. Fingers crossed.

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