Man spends £14k on lab-grown diamond for fiancee and she doesn’t want it

Man spends £14k on lab-grown diamond for fiancee and she doesn't want it
Man spends £14k on lab-grown diamond for fiancee and she doesn't want it
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After a man spent $20,000 on an engagement ring, he soon discovered his fiancé wasn’t too keen about it. The man, whose name is unknown, took to Reddit to explain his situation and ask for some advice.

“AITA [Am ITheAsshole] for buying my fiancée a lab grown diamond and refusing to exchange it for a natural stone?” the man wrote.

He mentioned that initially his fiancé was happy with his choice in ring - until she discovered how much he spent.

“I told her that I had spent about $20,000 on it that I had been squirrelling away for the last 10 years,” he wrote.

“She was initially floored that I had spent so much but later became suspicious that I had managed to get such a large stone (3.6 carats) for the price, and asked to see the diamond certificate I got with the ring.”

The Reddit user continued by explaining that the source for his fiancé dislike came from the fact the ring contained a lab-grown diamond instead of a ‘real’ one. I mean, it’s the thought the counts, right?

The man explained his fiancé’s reaction had surprised him, especially considering he expressed his distaste for the natural diamond industry to her on several occasions.

“It is better for the environment, I know the exact origin of the stone, so I know it isn’t a conflict stone, and ultimately it is better value for the money and I wanted to get her the most beautiful ring possible,” he wrote.

He also mentioned that lab-grown diamonds are ‘indistinguishable from natural ones” and that his fiancé wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference if he hadn’t told her. The man also explained the thought of purchasing a blood diamond sickens him and that if his fiancé wanted to end their relationship over it, that would be fine.

“She called me an asshole and went to stay the night with her parents. Since then I have received multiple texts from her friends telling me to just acquiesce and exchange the ring (and, ultimately, I will if it means saving the relationship) but I just feel like this is something worth being firm on,” he wrote.

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Many Reddit users agreed with the man and assured him that he made the right choice.

“NTA You spent $20,000 on a ring and she isn’t happy? I think you have bigger fish to fry. What’s going to be enough for her?” wrote one user.

“Honestly, the diamond is fine. If she really wants, she can exchange it herself... it’s a real diamond anyway. If your concerns about its origins are that serious, she should respect that,” wrote another.

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