These are the US cities that are most likely to survive a zombie attack

These are the US cities that are most likely to survive a zombie attack
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The idea of a zombie attack occurring in the US is quite spooky, as many people wouldn't know what to do or where to go to seek shelter.

But did you know that where you live can play a significant factor in your chances of survival?

According to the research of 53 US cities conducted by CareerBuilder in October 2015, 10 of those cities have better chances of maneuvering through the ghoulish storm.

Each city is scored in the index on eight factors in four categories. This includes defense against the virus, containment of the virus, chances of finding a cure, and the likelihood to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply.

So which city is at the top of the list to survive? Boston, Massachusetts.

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As stated by CareerBuilder, the reason why Boston is No.1 could be a result of its history of fighting for freedom and democracy in the nation.

It can also be due to the city's cobblestone streets, terrain, population density, and overall resources.

The next city after Boston to survive a zombie attack is Salt Lake City, Utah, followed by Baltimore, Maryland, coming in it at No.3 on the list.

Other cities, such as Virginia Beach, Virginia; Seattle, Washington; San Diego, California; and Kansas City, Missouri, are also positioned to survive the war against the zombies.

The city that's least likely to survive a zombie invasion is New York City, ranking No.53 on the list. Things are not looking too sweet either for Tampa, Florida; Los Angeles, California; Riverside-san Bernardino, California; and Chicago, Illinois.

A screenshot image of the findings for the cities most likely to survive the war with the undead were shared on the Only In Boston Twitter page.

And once people came across it, they couldn't help but share their feelings about the findings.

One person wrote: "Hmm.. good to know."

"I don't care if this is bs. I am adding this to my list of why I continue to live in Boston," another added.

A third wrote: "I'm feeling good about this."

Someone else, who spoke about another borough of New York City that should be on the list, added: "I challenge the zombies to find their way through Queens, NY."

In a report from Business Insider, the Defense Department, which is known for having plans for disaster scenarios, has a detailed strategy for a possible zombie apocalypse.

The strategy, which is called "CONPLAN 8888," is an unclassified document that details how the military would best respond to a situation like a zombie apocalypse.

The plan's overall purpose is for the military to take enact operations to "preserve 'non-zombie' humans" from the threats that can be inflicted by "a zombie horde."

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