Cheap vodka poured through a Brita filter 'tastes like water' according to latest TikTok trend

Cheap vodka poured through a Brita filter 'tastes like water' according to latest TikTok trend
TikTokers claim cheap vodka tastes ‘like water’ after filtering through a Brita
TikTok/Elliott Norris

Vodka tends to have a more expensive price tag the more distilled the spirit is - but according to a new TikTok trend, you can take the edge off a cheap bottle of voddy all by yourself thanks to a Brita filter.

In a video posted by Elliott Norris (@callmebelly), he and his friend decided to filter a $10 bottle of vodka from Trader Joe’s through his Brita pitcher and take a shot of the spirit before and after the filter process to see if it made a difference to the taste.

Though the pair were doubtful about how successful the experiment was going to be.

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“Do you think this is going to work?” he asked his friend in the clip as he poured the vodka into the Brita filter.

“I do not see this working at all,” they responded.

The two friends had a shot of the unfiltered vodka, and it wasn't the smoothest drink given their looks of disgust.

However when it came to knocking back the Brita filtered shot, both were shocked at the result.

“It tastes like nothing,” Norris said.

“It tastes like water,” his friend added. "I'm gonna put my alcohol in a Brita now."


you brita get yourself a brita 👀 #lifehack #lofehacks #brita

The video has since gone viral, with 5.5m views, 984,000 likes, and thousands of comments from people who loved the results home experiment.

One person said: "I immediately began nodding. Internal dialogue: ‘This makes sense. This experiment is good.’"

"Good vodka is filtered 5 or 6 times," another person wrote, while someone else added that they "used to do this college on a regular basis."

"NO. I woke up one day with a bad hangover and my roommate put vodka in my water filter without telling me and I gulped it down without processing it," a fourth person commented.

As a result, it has since led to a number of people trying out the filter hack for themselves - and they too were surprised by how well the filter worked.

TikTok Han Wall (@han.walls) who usually "hates the taste of alcohol," couldn't quite believe the result as she could easily drink the spirit.


enjoy me discovering this #britawaterfilter #titos #vodka #ohno

While two friends Sydney (@sydneyguyy) and Katie were also taken aback at how well the filter worked.

When I tell y’all it tastes like water,” Katie said after taking the shot as Sydney agreed and noted: “That is dangerous."

Though not everyone was as impressed, as house music DJ's Party Shirt (@partyshirt) still had a grim reaction to the filtered spirit and warned: "It's still s***, it's a bit better but it's definitely yuck. No, don't do it."

But the real question is, does this Brita-filtered vodka make people less drunk?

Good news - it doesn't. The vodka keeps its potency as Brita is an activated carbon filter which means it can "cut chlorine taste and odour and reduce other contaminants," from tap water, hence removing bad smell and taste when vodka goes through the filter.

Another question is... can other spirits be filtered?

More good news - yes, while vodka is the purest booze, other spirits can be filtered such as red wine (as we see Norris do in a follow-up to his viral hack), and tequila. Though some of these could block the filter and leave some dregs.

While you can transform your cheap vodka into tasting more high-end with a Brita filter, it is important to drink responsibly (and perhaps warn people if you have vodka instead of water in your filter).

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