Best ways to stay hydrated if you don't like to drink water

Praying to the 'rain gods' is an ancient practice in some parts of the world, hoping to be blessed with abundant rain. Now, the people of Kalakeri village, in Karnataka’s Vijayapura district, have taken rituals to the next level by digging up graves and filling the mouths of corpses with water.

Most of Karnataka had received rainfall, with some areas experiencing flooding and landslides. Strangely, Kalakeri village had none.

Locals became increasingly concerned, prompting them to band together and devise a plan – or a "curse", according to News 18. One person suggested the superstitious idea, which came to fruition when everyone agreed it was a great plan.

The news outlet reports that the villagers listed all the people who died in the last month. Equipped with a shovel and a water tank, they headed to the graveyard sites.


They allegedly dug a hole two feet deep, and when they reached the corpses' heads, they inserted a water pipe into their mouths.

The village, made up of around 1,500 locals, is known to receive very little rain. And while the idea may sound like a strange dream, its inspiration dates back many years.

An older man was said to have died with his mouth wide open and was buried without anyone closing his mouth. That same year, the village experienced a drought.

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When the elderly residents reached out to an astrologer, he suggested the dead man was thirsty. They headed over to his grave and filled his mouth with water. Coincidentally, it started to rain.

Fast-forward to 2022, the village follows this practice hoping they have the same luck.

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