The weirdest window displays: from Danny DeVito to Ainsley Harriott

Sinead Butler
Monday 12 April 2021 18:31

A cardboard cut-out of Stanley Tucci was just one of the weirdest things people have displayed in their window.

(Getty Images for IMDb)

A photo of a window display a large polar bear and a cardboard cut of Stanely Tucci went viral on Twitter and it’s made people realise that many of us actually have really weird window displays.

Twitter user, Bethany Rutter, tweeted the image with the caption: “A house near me has a big polar bear in the window that they used to dress up every day in first lockdown and now they’ve added... Stanley Tucci?”

The post received 27,000 likes and received a huge response from users who shared other windows they have seen with strange objects inside.

Celebrity cardboard cut-outs seemed to be a popular choice:

Danny Devito in particular was a favourite:

Other animals were on display too:

And of course there were some humorous jokes about the polar bear and that Stanley Tucci cardboard cut-out:

It’s not everyday you encounter animals figure and celebrity cut-out displayed in windows so of course there were stories about users being freaked out by them:

But some also shared that they too have similar windows displays and loved the thread of responses: