These are the most common words on every country's Wikipedia

Reddit / Amiantedeluxe

A map has been created showing the most common word used in each county's English language Wikipedia page and the results are interesting to say the list.

The map excludes linking words such as 'the', 'country', 'government' and demonyms.

Picture: Reddit / Amiantedeluxe

Some of the most interesting ones are:

  • The most commonly used word on the UK's Wikipedia is 'Ireland', and the most commonly used word on Ireland's page is 'state'.
  • In the US and Spain entires the most common word is 'war'.
  • In Russia and a lot of the former USSR countries the most common word is 'Soviet'.
  • North Korea's most commonly used word is 'south' and South Korea's most common word is 'North'.
  • Most island countries have ‘island’ as the most recurring word.
  • ‘World’ is the most common word across Europe, which is likely due to the World Wars.

You can visit a high-res zoomable version here.

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