Woman flies across the world for friend's wedding – and attends wrong one

Woman flies across the world for friend's wedding – and attends wrong one
Woman is practicing her Maid of Honor speech for her best friend's …

A woman travelled from America to Scotland to attend her friend's wedding and accidentally showed up at the wrong ceremony, leaving people in hysterics.

The viral clip posted to TikTok shows Arti (@firstseedfoods) sitting in a taxi on the way to the big day.

"POV: You travelled >3,000 miles and accidentally showed up to the wrong wedding," she wrote as the video's on-screen text, which has been viewed almost half a million times.

Arti then shows a shot of the decorative sign, reading: "Caitlin and Stephen. 12.08.2023. Thank you for sharing our special day with us."

Luckily, the bride and groom were good sports and found the mix-up amusing.

"You’ve come to Scotland from America and come to the wrong wedding," the groom's brother jokes."It’s true, oh my gosh I’m at the wrong wedding," the TikToker responds.

"My wedding and her wedding," the groom continues while pointing at his wife.


congratulations Caitlin and Stephen🤗 thanks for being such good sports and inviting me in for a drink #weddingtiktok #scotland #ohno

Fortunately for Arti, she managed to get a taxi to the correct venue. Despite missing the speeches, she did end up making her friend's wedding after all.

In a follow-up video, Arti explained the situation to intrigued viewers.

"Immediately no one looked familiar, which is okay because I’m coming from out of town," she said.


Replying to @Kate the story gets crazier! #storytime #glasgow #scotland #punjabiwedding

"I didn’t know a lot of the wedding guests but then I saw the big board that said 'congratulations Caitlin and Stephen' and I though oh I must just be at the wrong entrance. Maybe it’s a big building and it’s hosting multiple events," she continued, before revealing the hilarious blunder.

"This needs to turn into a rom com movie NOW!!! Lol," one fellow TikToker commented, while another joked: "Somewhere in this story is your future husband, even if you’ve got one now."

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