Woman claims God gave her an STD and says it is a ‘blessing’

Woman claims God gave her an STD and says it is a ‘blessing’
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Two words that don't often get used in the same sentence: STD and blessing. Well now, one woman has put a positive spin on her sexually transmitted disease diagnosis by embracing it as a sign from God.

Alexandra Harbushka from Las Vegas contracted the disease back in 2011 from someone she was dating.

The mum-of-one opened up about her previous alcohol intake, binge eating and bad finances and has since reached the conclusion that God gave her herpes so she can "make better choices".

Catching the STD changed everything for Harbushka, who now dedicates her TikTok platform to breaking the stigma around herpes. She also launched the company LifeWithHerpes, filled with useful information for those in the same boat.

"Herpes can actually be a blessing," Harbushka declared in one of her recent clips.

"Getting herpes forced me to get my sh*t together," she said. "I had to change my diet, get rid of the toxic people in my life, I just made a lot of changes."

Harbushka added: "I personally believe that God put this in my life so that I could make better choices with my life and live the life that I want to live."

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When we’re diagnosed we think our lives are over. I was there for 2 years! I get it! When i look back at where i was in 2011 i was not where i was supposed to be or who I was supposed to be. Getting herpes forced me to make the changes that needed to happen. What positive changes have you made? Tell me in thr comments. #herpes #coldsores #livingwithherpes #lifewithherpes #hsv1 #hsv2

In a separate video, Harbushka called her diagnosis a "blessing".

"Getting herpes was a blessing in my life because it allowed me to focus on who I am and learn to love myself and grow with confidence," she said.

Her empowering story encouraged others to share their own personal experiences in the comments.

One TikTok user said their herpes diagnosis made them "a much more empathetic person." They added: "It made me check prejudices I didn't even know I had and educate myself like the system failed to".

Another reiterated the sentiment, saying: "It changed my life and think for the better."

Meanwhile, one candidly said: "It didn't do much for my life. It's just a friggin' skin rash and people act like it's the end of the world."


#stitch with @freddiesroommate great question!!!!! There are more vidoes for you to check out as well as a community of people who totally get what you are going through. Come check it out! #herpes #coldsores #livingwithherpes #hsv2 #coldsoressuck #lifewithherpes #hsv1

Herpes can be passed on through vaginal, anal and oral sex. The NHS states that people can reduce the risk of contracting the sexually transmitted disease by: using a condom, avoiding sex if your partner has an outbreak, and not sharing sex toys.

Those suffering with any of the symptoms should visit their GP.

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