Woman receives broken tile instead of the brand new iPhone 12 she ordered

<p>The furious shopper vented her frustrations on Twitter</p>

The furious shopper vented her frustrations on Twitter


We’ve all heard of phones being likened to bricks, but how about a cracked tile?

That was what confronted one shopper when she opened the box for her brand new iPhone.

Olivia Parkinson eagerly received the delivery of her iPhone 12 ProMax on April 14 only to find that her new gadget had been replaced with a broken rectangular slab.

Sharing a photo of the shock swap she wrote on Twitter: Don’t you just love a new phone day to then receive this... iPhone 12 ProMax who?"

In an follow-up tweet, Parkinson said she’d taken up the issue with her mobile provider but, a week later, she still received “no answers”.

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Ten days later she claimed the company, Virgin Media, considered her liable to pay for the phone that she hadn’t received because it had been substituted for… well, a tile.

She also named the courier company Yodel as being at fault, saying: “Images below will show what I ‘purchased’ from them, disgusting companies.”

Responding to the complaints, a Virgin Media spokesperson said, according to LadBible: "Our investigation found Olivia was the victim of a fraud so we have closed the account, written off the outstanding balance and will be returning all of the money she paid."

A Yodel spokesperson reportedly added: "Following a thorough investigation we have confirmed that the parcel was sealed in its original packaging when delivered.

"We’ve been in contact with Ms Parkinson to keep her updated and encourage her to contact the retailer to resolve this."

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