Woman turns TikTok 'boob job fundraiser' into crowdfund for man's life-changing operation

Woman turns TikTok 'boob job fundraiser' into crowdfund for man's life-changing operation
Woman creates TikTok fundraiser for life-changing operation

A personal trainer turned to TikTok on a mission to raise money for her breast enhancement – and to everyone's surprise, it was successful. Now, she's using her platform to fundraise for a paralysed man's life-changing operation.

Hailey Jimroglou (@_haileyjay) from New Jersey took to the platform with a viral clip captioned: "Just going to keep posting until it goes viral in support of small boobs."

“If you’re seeing this and your bra size hasn’t changed since the very first bra you bought when you were eight years old, this one’s for you,” she explained to her 1.7 million viewers.

“The bigger, more muscular, older I get, the smaller they’re getting," Hailey added. “I’m seriously not kidding. It’s f***ing ridiculous.”

The TikToker then shared her elaborate plan to fundraise for her new breasts. She wanted to unite the "itty bitty t*tty committee" and create a crowdfund to provide breast enhancements for her and other women.

“Clearly, not all of us have been graced with big juicy jugs, but we have been graced with f***ing brains, and if we put them together, do you understand how many boob jobs we could all give to one another?

“All I’m asking is for 10,000 people to send me $1 so we can get this b*tch rolling," she said, adding that if her scheme went to plan, she would send another girl to "get her boob job" the following month.

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Just going to keep posting until it goes viral in support of small boobs #fyp #plasticsurgery

Speaking to indy100, Hailey explainedthat the "boobment" incentive was initially a joke between her and her sister, who "both got shorted in the boob area" and "always wanted boob jobs."

The TikTok campaign was essentially a result of "an intrusive thought", which prompted her to create the spontaneous video with little thought or planning.

"I hardly edited it, didn’t think much about it at all and posted it. I figured my two hundred friends would see it and get a good laugh," Hailey said, but to her surprise: "The next morning, I woke up with over $3,000 in my Venmo account."

Hailey Jimroglou

It took Hailey a week to hit her target, raising a further $7,000 for another woman to get an enhancement.

"Her name is also Haley, and she wound up getting a Brazilian butt lift," she said. "Not many people know because the algorithm is tough. I was definitely a little scared, but my excitement outweighed any other feeling. The confidence this experience has given me will stay with me throughout my entire lifetime."

After being inundated with questions asking how to be added to the draw, she clarified they had to donate a dollar and send a screengrab.


Boobie pool number 2 😇 @therealtiktokdoc #greenscreen #stitch

Hailey's method received a mixed response from fellow TikTokers. One person slammed it as "fake s***", while another added: "It's really a pity society has shamed women like this."

Meanwhile, other people were fans of the "incentive", with one saying Hailey was "on to something."

Another asked, "When are we naming the new winner?!? I'm excited and nervous."

A third said: "I need to be a part of this community."


Took me an entire year to complete this , don’t let me down #surgerytiktok #beforeandafter #bikini #mybofymychoice

Haileyhas since turned her newfound TikTok fame into supporting a more meaningful cause.

She is currently trying to raise money for a man named Matt Muckelston, who was paralysed from the neck down two and a half years ago. Hailey has followed his story online and felt inspired by his "dedication to regain his strength."


they say anything’s possible , right? #allmuckedup #greenscreen #bodypositivity #LaurelRoad4Nurses @mattmuck

"He and his friends went as far as welding their own physical therapy equipment so that he can practice even when he’s out of the doctor's office," she explained.

"Matt's been working for years trying to fundraise money for himself, and he doesn’t even have use of his fingers. That, to me, shows more dedication and more passion than anything I’ve ever pushed for. He is doing the hard part, and I want to make it a little easier for him."

Hailey Jimroglou

Hailey said she's successfully fundraised in the past and ready to do it for the third time to help Matt towards his life-changing operation.

She concluded: "I want to be on the right side of history and while I continue to fight an algorithm that only lets me go viral for boobs (weird to say). I’ll stop at nothing to raise money for him.

"I did it twice already – raising $14,000 – I know I can do it again, even if I have to keep shaking my new bits to make it happen."

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Woman creates TikTok fundraiser for life-changing operation

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