Woman claims her doctor looked up how to treat her cyst on YouTube

Local doctor helps refugees in Tijuana

A woman claimed she caught her daughter looking up how to treat her cyst on YouTube.

In a new video shared on the social media platform, a doctor can seemingly be seen on a computer looking at a video on YouTube for how to treat her patient's condition. The woman can then be shown staring in disbelief.

TikTok user @isi_lynott captioned her post, Got their MD at YouTube university."


got their MD at YouTube university #MakeItCinematic #fyp #GameTok

The video has surprisingly caused a bit of controversy, with many people slamming the user for slamming the professional.

"Med student here! Doctors double check things all the time. There’s a LOT of information out there to refresh on," one user wrote.

Another person said, "I’m a nurse and docs do this all the time. I promise you want this over the doc who thinks he knows it all but doesn’t."

"This is actually what being a physician is. Having the knowledge to know what to look up and applying it in your practice," said another.

"I have delivered hundreds if not thousands of babies and spent last week watching c-section techniques. Always room to improve!" wrote another user.

"When people think doctors are walking encyclopedias and remember all in a blink," said another.

However jarring it might be to see a doctor on YouTube while they treat you, it seems the general consensus was that this action is perfectly normal if not encouraged.

In a comment, the TikToker clarified her intentions in sharing the video.

“For the last time I appreciate all doctors and nurses and understand that they are not walking encyclopedias this tiktok was just a JOKE!!” she said. “I’m glad she refreshed her memory and helped me the whole time! My friend and I were just laughing that this was happening in front of us.”

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