Technology thwarted a woman’s dating life recently when her mum’s doorbell camera caught her sneaking someone back to her house.

Posting on TikTok, @carley_weaver1 shared footage of her bringing someone into her house - whose face she edited with an emoji - presumably for privacy - before revealing a number of text messages from her mum showing that her actions did not go unnoticed.


what a great way to start the year 🥳 #fyp

The texts from her mum read: “Do you have someone here?” She then followed up with: “Who is in your bed this am?”

The next day she got another inquisitive message saying: “Hello missy... are you not awake yet??? How about your bed partner???”

“When you thought you deactivated the ring and wake up to texts from your mom. What a great way to start the year!” she captioned the video.

Sign up to our new free Indy100 weekly newsletterReacting to the video, people thought it was pretty funny:

“I’m dying over ‘bed partner’” one person wrote.

While another said, “that would be my sign to look for an apartment.”

“This is so funny,” a third said.

While a fourth revealed, “I snuck mine in through the basement, come to find out my parents have trail cameras too and we got caught”. Oof.

Despite being pretty cringe, the episode didn’t seem to cause any lasting damage. Writing in the comments, the woman said: “My mom and I are besties, she laughed when I told her the story. She was just caught off guard.”

Still, pretty embarrassing.

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